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Welcome to IRS Tax Debt Settlements. If you are looking for information about how to settle IRS debts for less, whether you hope to handle the IRS settlement offer on your own or you are seeking a professional tax settlement firm, our Resource Help Center will prove beneficial. IRS settlement is considered the most favorable IRS tax relief program. It gives delinquent taxpayers a fresh start and allows them to put their back IRS tax debt behind them, for far less than they currently owe. For that reason, and to meet the needs of all visitors to our tax settlement site, we have provided both IRS tax settlement resources and an IRS tax settlement affiliate who will offer a free tax review.

You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain, by taking advantage of the IRS tax settlement review provided by Tax Defense Network. You don't need to be told that trying to deal with the IRS directly is not only frustrating and stressful but very time consuming. If your goal is to qualify for an IRS settlement offer for IRS or state back taxes, you should give yourself the best chance possible of achieving that goal. It is our belief that tax settlement attorneys offer an in depth knowledge of IRS tax settlement rules and the constantly changing guidelines that is invaluable to taxpayers. Maximize your chance for success for an accepted IRS offer and let our IRS settlement experts help today!

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You Can Settle IRS Tax Debt for Less
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IRS Settlement / Offer in Compromise

What is IRS Settlement – IRS tax settlement is an IRS relief program that was developed to collect large amounts of outstanding (delinquent) back tax debt in a short period of time. Taxpayers are offered a “one time settlement” opportunity to eliminate their tax debt for less than they owe. This IRS relief program is called Offer in Compromise. More familiar to taxpayers would be the marketing of “settle your tax debt for less than you owe” or “settle your IRS debt for pennies on the dollar”. These catch phrases have put tax settlement in the spotlight for delinquent taxpayers seeking some sort of IRS back tax reduction. And in actuality, IRS settlements really are a “fraction of the tax debt owed”. This tax settlement program continues to be the most desirable for taxpayers owing back taxes and for the IRS bringing in these delinquent tax liabilities. IRS settlement offers a permanent tax resolution for both the taxpayer and the IRS. However, keep in mind that the IRS does not easily part with tax liabilities they feel are due them.

Qualifying for IRS Settlement – The regulations to qualify for an IRS settlement are strict and involve and extensive financial disclosure. Not surprisingly, everyone does not qualify. The financial disclosure considers both the taxpayer's ability to pay as well as their equity in assets. Based on these factors, a tax settlement (compromised) offer amount is determined. An IRS tax debt can be compromised for one of the following three reasons: Doubt as to Liability: Doubt exists that the assessed tax is correct, Doubt as to Collectability: Doubt exists that you could ever pay the full amount of tax owed, and Effective Tax Administration: The tax due is deemed correct, and no doubt that the amount owed could be collected, but an exceptional circumstance exists that allows the IRS to consider an Offer in Compromise tax settlement. The taxpayer must show that collection of the tax debt would create an economic hardship or would be unfair/inequitable, in order to be eligible for a settlement compromise on this basis.

Benefits of Using a Tax Settlement Firm – Using the services of a tax settlement firm not only insures that you will secure the best possible outcome for your tax debt problem, but our tax professionals will immediately begin working directly with the IRS on your behalf. Their comprehensive knowledge and in depth experience with IRS tax settlement regulations/rules provides you with “peace of mind” that your tax matter is being handled by experts. You can rely upon accurate and timely completion of Offer in Compromise forms and financial disclosures, expediting the resolution of your tax settlement offer. Should you not qualify for an IRS tax settlement offer, they will inform you of any IRS tax relief programs that are available to you and assist you accordingly.

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